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I'm Gem and I'm 21.

I live at home with my dad, his girlfriend and my animals.

I have 11 Rabbits, 2 Cats, 2 Dogs and 4 Guinea pigs.

One of my cats and my dogs live with my mum in New Zealand, the rest live with me.

I love animals, Bonnie Tyler, Piefinger, Different Day, Shania Twain, Kirsty MacColl, Cher, Kaiser Chiefs, REM, Jack Johnson, Keane, Nickleback and a few other music artists. I love Ashes to Ashes, The Bill, old eps of Casualty, MerseyBeat, Bad Girls, Wire In The Blood, Fat Friends, The Inspector Linley Mysteries and a few other things.

I'm very much devoted to Team Glenister & Team Andrews, fan groups on the website The Railway Arms.

I like to knit although recently I've been too busy to do any, I like going to the cinema with my friends and family, I love swimming although I don't get to go very often due to lack of money.

You can read about my animals on the residents page, everyone is there now.

My Buns are my family, I wouldn't be without them for any thing.

The History Behind My Site

We have been online for over 4 years now, during that time we have undergone many redesigns and page shifts.

We have seen animals come and go, many have passed over the bridge and many have come in their place to form the much loved group known today as the Portsmouth 13 or Cotton's Warren.

Babies have been born and passed on to new homes, a few animals have been picked up from an uncertain future and moved on to rescue where they are guaranteed a new and loving home


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