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Meet The Animals @ The Warren

All the Portsmouth 11!


Died peacefully in her sleep after a short illness 8th September :-( 

Hello, I am Silver and I am the first resident of Cotton's Warren

I came from a bad home where I had been abused and not looked after, luckily Gem took me in and looked after me beginning with a name change from 'Sugar' to 'Silver-Lady'. I grew to be a lovely deep blue rabbit who loves to run around and play.

I'm Lucky and I'm very special, I was brought back from the dead at five days old when I was tossed out of the nest along with one of my brothers Treasure and my sister Diamond.

My human mum couldn't work out why I had been tossed out but I have a deformed foot, mum thinks it was broken when I was born and it has healed at a funny angle but it doesn't stop me racing up and down my ramp.

My sister Hazel lives with me now I've been neutered.I'm the reserve show bun.
I am Hazel, I am Lucky's twin.I live with Lucky now in his hutch and run combo.I am now very happy being with my brother and can often be seen licking him.

Living with Lucky has enabled me to loose bit of extra weight and has ensured I don't get bored as I have round the clock outside exercise

Harley Wonderbun
My name is Harley and I'm a black and orange Harlequin, I came from a Pets At Home store near Portsmouth.I am a skittish bun who hates being picked up. My mum has worked out a way of catching me that doesn't involve stressing me out- She gets out the travelling basket and holds it up to my cage, I jump in and mum then carries me to wherever I need to go, to catch me she just puts the basket down and I hop in.

I've been incredibly good for a long time now, I just don't like the rain.

I'm in charge of writing our Journal @ Live


I'm Bandit and so called because I have a blue mask over part of my face.I'm a blue and orange harlequin and my mum is Harley.

I live with Chi.

Skye Opal (aka Blue)

Hi, I'm Skye!

Although Mummy calls me Blue, me, my brother and my sister are the last additions to the warren.

I'm very cheeky and love teasing the others at feeding time.

I live with my friend Harley

Chiquita (aka Chi)

 Was put to sleep suffering from Liver & Kidney failure July 14th Frown 

Hi! I'm Chi, although my full name is Chiquita,

I live with Bandit

I like escaping and being able to run around the big garden, my favourite trick is to jump the divider and cause trouble in the big group

I'm the naughtiest of the three of us, I love to cause trouble wherever I go!


Sadly we lost Stripes after a long and very courageous battle with spinal trauma.

It wasn't fair to keep her battling on any longer, I was by her side as she finally regained her freedom on April 21st 

Hello! I'm Stripes!

I'm a quiet little lass that loves nothing more than to spend her time browsing the floor for dropped morsels of food.

Daffodil leaves are a favourite food of mine, especially as they're just beginning to come through now.

I'm now disabled after an accident in my play area

Dollar (aka Dolly)
Dollar is one of the last buns to arrive here.

Born here, Doll and her sister Patches were due for rehoming but so far they haven't gone anywhere yet


I came into the rescue just a few days old with my sisters Dollar and Megan and my brothers Tai and Mischief.

Mum had Harley Wonderbun, Blue & Stripes look after us while she hand reared us.

Sadly Tai and Mischief didn't make it and died a few days after we arrived here.

I live with my sister Dolly, we were up for rehoming but mum has decided we can stay here and be the Sponsor bunnies for the rescue.

Mum didn't think it was fair if Megan got to stay and we didn't Innocent


I'm Lord Teddy of Teddington and I live with my girlfriend Lady Megan of Buntown.

I started my life as a stray on a busy road near to where I live now, some friends of my mum's caught me and took me to their petshop to see if anyone would claim me, mum came and visited me nearly every day. In the end she said she'd take me home because I deserved to be looked after and continue to look for my old owners.

No one came to claim me so the day mum picked me up she took me to her vets for a checkup and to have my first vaccination, the nice vet took a look in my mouth and told mum that my front teeth are slightly wonky.

Mum thinks this is why I was abandoned, not many people would want to pay vet bills on a rabbit with dodgy teeth Frown

 Anyway Mum said I would stay here with her for the rest of my life and I'd have regular checks on my teeth to make sure they weren't hurting me. Smile

Mum decided I would be bonded with her old girl Silver but sadly she became ill and passed away before we could meet, so mum said that Megan the black baby who belonged to the rescue could be my girlfriend as black rabbits are often hard to find a home.

I now live with Megan and we're very happy together, we make a good pair as I'm dark brown/black and Meg is all black.

I'm on the left of the photo looking at you Wink


I'm Lady Megan of Buntown and I live my boyfriend Teddy.

I'm sister to Dollar and Patches.

I'm a grumpy little monkey and mum keeps threatening to pin me to the floor but we know she wouldn't really!!

Rosie, Kez, Atarangi & Bertie

Hi! We're the three guinea pig girls!


Hi, I'm Rosie! and I'm a white Guinea Pig, I live by myself.

I'm a cheeky three year old piggie, who loves nothing more than to wander up and down the garden

I'm allowed free run of the enclosure and I love to wander up and down munching on the grass.


I'm Kez, a grey and white short haired pig. I live with Rosie and Atarangi, we used to live with Razzle too but he sadly died a short while ago.


Hi I'm Atarangi (Pronounced Atta-Rang-Gee) which means 'Morning Sky' in Maori.

I'm a white with brown patches short haired abysinian piggie, I live with my friends Rosie and Kez

Bertie Bassett

I'm Bertie, I live by myself until I'm big enough to be neutered.

I arrived as a companion for Rosie after she lost Razzle


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