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Another page of those who've left us

You've left me devastated, I knew when I found you late Sunday night that the end was near

I texted poor Becki in a mad panic after finding you, thankfully she helped calm me down, after a mad dash to the vet I brought you home again for some pampering

Another family group devastated, just your beloved sister and birth mum left

Spookie was looking for you last night, she looks so forlorn in the big hutch all by herself, she's the last of the big five

My big brave black beauty, you've passed on your gorgeous colour and your temperament has been magnified in your son Chico.

I'm so sorry you had a rubbish vet to help with your final journey, you fought through the first injection, it was at that moment, I questioned my decision, you were fighting....was I doing the right thing

I knew from the moment I discovered you back in 2004 you would stay with me.
The day you first looked at me with those rich Hazel eyes made me fall completely in love with you.

I watched you grow and play with Spookie, a different colour but so well matched.

You grew up to be a stunning lady liking nothing more than to play chase with Spookie and Magic.

You've lived with your sister all your life now for the first time ever you have to be apart.....Spookie is needed down here to help me cope with loosing you

Why did it have to be you after all this time?? 6 weeks have passed since you were in contact with Magic, Poppy and Smokey, we thought you were clear

Named after the chocolate, Auntie George named you as I couldn't find anything suitable.

It suited you perfectly, you are perfect and perfection is hard to find.

You could have been a show bun, if I'd had you ringed by the BRC as a baby, but I didn't want that you were a pet, a family member.

None of my family are ringed, scared or lonely ever.

I'm sorry I didn't give you the chance to fight this, but I didn't want you suffering like Smokey, Magic and Poppy did.

You made your final journey with your heartbroken Mum by your side

You never bit in spite only a nip when I was too slow with the veggies or teasing you with dinner.

First to the veggies, first to dinner, first to try and eat my ankles when I brought dinner, you were cheeky, laid back and so full of life, you loved your companions more than food itself and probably more than me

You were smart...you soon learnt that veggies come in an Asda bag, you'd always get excited when you saw the bag but you never got excited when you saw a Tesco bag

You weren't one to be handled so I mostly let you be, the times when it was essential to handle you I explained carefully what I needed you to do and you were always as good as gold

We're playing the waiting game again now with Spookie

It looks like its all my fault that you caught this illness, the failed bonding between you, Spookie and Silver probably lowered your immune system allowing this vile illnes to take hold

We were clear, now we're back under quarentine and everything starts again

You're free again young lady re-united with those adored companions

Minstrel.......Perfection personified
Precious girl, it looks like your time had come, you didn't want to be alone in this world.

You've been so brave, you've coped with the loss of your beloved sister and your friends so much better than I have.
Not one for being held, thats all you wanted as you slipped over the Bridge into the waiting arms of Minty.

The big five are re-united once again, happy and healthy in the long grass at the Bridge.

I saw a Rainbow on Monday afternoon and in it I saw Minty's face, I believe it was a sign that she was coming to get you young lady.

I found you Wednesday morning and straight away I knew something wasn't right, your eyes were much redder than normal and on picking you up with much a struggle my worst fear was confirmed you had it too

You were dosed up with Metacam in an attempt to make your last day as painfree as possible and spoilt as you deserved.

I knew you wouldn't take to being nursed so the painful decision was taken to let you go, you wanted to be re-united with your sister, your dad and your friends.

I have no doubts that this time I have done the right thing, you're in a better place where nothing can hurt you again.
For a split second in the vets I considered trying to save you but I knew it would only be for my own selfish reasons

My heart is shattered again, it had barely healed after loosing Minty and now I have to cope with letting you go.

I'm not sure how I managed the walk home from the vets I couldn't see for the tears.
My loss is most definately the Bridge's gain, they won't know what's happened when the big five re-unite

I'm going to miss you my chunky blue girl 

Kiss forever
Broken hearted Mummy

Spookie June 8th 2004 - Feb 15th 2007
Silver, Razzle & Stripes

Passed peacefully in her sleep after a short illness



Passed peacefully at the vets after a short battle with a neurological disorder.

Desperately missed by all who knew him



Regained her freedom on April 21st leaving me devastated.

You're free again angel, happy and healthy. Love you forever sweets xx


Hand Crafted With Love Love