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Our Spirit Animals

This page is dedicated to all those that have passed through our hearts and on to the lush pastures of Rainbow Bridge

"If Tears could build a Stairway

And Memories a Lane

I'd walk right up to heaven

And bring you home again"


Peaches was one of Harley's children, when he was young he caught Coccidiosis, rushed to the vets he was one of the lucky ones.

I always knew he wasn't strong enough to be neutered yet I still took him, he didn't come home that day

I'm sorry Peaches

Forever loved and forever missed


Snowy was taken one night from his hutch, we never knew how or why.

Sleep tight my little man,

Missed dearly & forever encased in my heart


Dear, sweet Honeysuckle, how I still miss you.

You always had such strong instincts to be free and your curiosity and natural urge took you away from us, I think I know now that it was your time.

Together with Snowy, Peaches and all our other spirit buns, you have conspired to send us Blue, Chix and Stripes and also to let me find ASAP Rescue where I know I can make a difference to those not as well loved as you were.

Still sorely missed and forever encased in my heart


Just a baby, sweet Shadow, lost through a freak of nature.

I didn't have time to really know you properly but I know you're still with me in spirit.

Still missed and much loved


Sweet Clo, you were my first 'rescue' bun, you sparked my lifelong devotion to your kind.

Set free into my neighbours garden, they fed you all winter on apple cores, I'll never know how you survived but I believe you knew someone would rescue you.

I think you'd already decided it was to be me.

I only had you two weeks when you felt the need to leave us, called by angels.

I didn't get to say goodbye, but you left me with a passion and began my devotion to understanding you wonderful creatures.

Thank you Clover, from the bottom of my heart.

Smudge & Felicity

You two sweethearts weren't actually my buns but that doesn't mean I love you any less.

Our first and only (so far) housebuns, Smudge was a healthy cheeky chap right until the day he left us.

More like a cat than a rabbit you loved to spend your evenings sprawled in front of the fire.

We brought Flick into ours lives because we thought you might be lonely.

Flick was loved by us all, she joined you by the fire and the two of you rarely left each others side.

After you left us Smudge, Flicka stuck by me, she waited for me to get home from school like a little dog, on the rare occasion she wasn't waiting, all I had to do was call and she'd come running.

Sadly an abcess in her jawbone took Flicka away from us, we don't know what took you Smudge.

Your teeth marks are still there guys, a small reminder of what a big part of our lives you were.

Still sorely missed & forever encased in my heart

Smudge on the right, Flick on the left

Those I don't have photo's of

Blackie, you died to save the others, I'll always be grateful to you for that, but I can't help wondering if I could have saved you as well.

Runty, the smallest baby, I knew in my heart you wouldn't make it, but I tried fostering you with another bunny but that didn't work.

I checked on you one day only to find you had isolated yourself away from the others and had quietly passed on.

I'm quite sure you would have been a stunning Black and Orange boy just like your mum.

Treasure & Diamond, you two sweethearts just weren't strong enough to pull through, we saved Lucky but we couldn't stop you becoming Angels.

I miss you both everyday, and now you're safely ensconced in the arms of the Angels watching over us all

Tiny, dear sweet Tiny, you couldn't make it either and aged just three days old you went to join the others at the bridge, loved and missed everyday.



19th June 2005 - 22nd June 2005

You were born on Sunday, although I only found you this morning.

Cold and hungry, you were the runt of the litter, or so I thought. I warmed you up this morning and returned you to the nest, I thought about you all day while I was at work.

Home time couldn’t come fast enough as I rushed back to check on you, you were still hanging on although it was clear you hadn’t been fed. I took you inside and warmed you through, feeding took a lot of practice and patience, you sneezed and milk came out of your nose. I wiped you down and we tried again this time, you drank, you were ravenous.

You soon filled out and your little tummy was full, you fell asleep warm, full and contented.

I wasn’t expecting you to survive the first feeding but you held on, your little tongue was so swollen and bloody where you had been chewing on it.

Skin and bones, I could see your ribs and most of your veins, your skin wasn’t quite developed properly, in places you had a light down and other it was bare skin. I wish I had taken a photo. Around three hours later I could see the improvement, the swelling on your tongue had gone down and you were drinking with gusto. Your fur had spread to your whole body, and you were looking happy.

But it wasn’t to be, I was feeding one of your litter mates when I noticed you were having trouble breathing. Picking you up, I cuddled you to me, I could see you were struggling. It took only a few minutes but you fought bravely, suddenly you sighed and then you were gone.

Flying high up into the sky, over the bridge taking my love to my spirit buns.

You are binkying free, now with a body that is full and contented.

I love you little one, you’re free now, look down on BunnyWorld and keep us safe.

Mummy Bunny xxxxxxx

Little Nikita

19th June 2005 - 26th June 2005

You struggled and fought for your life, but it wasn’t to be.

Sadly the struggle was too great and the pain enveloped you, you were strong and did well to fight for a week.

I tried my hardest to keep you alive and you seemed to sense it as well, drinking from the bottle when you were hungry.

Still it wasn’t to be and I said my goodbyes a few minutes earlier, you laid still before scrunching up your little face.

You slipped away peacefully cradled by Auntie George.

You knew how much I loved you and you will never be forgotten.

Run free over the bridge with a beautiful thick glossy blue coat and a happy healthy body; enjoy the sunshine and one day I will be back with you.

Sleep well little one, forever in my heart, take my love to our spirit buns.

I love you little lady

Mummy Bunny xxxxxxx


You can find more Rainbow Bridge here: http://casualty.scriptmania.com/custom3.html