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I’m Gem, commonly known as Gem6 if you’re a fanficcer, seem to have been around forever lol! I’m known as MrsHat in other circles so will answer to pretty much anything.

I used to write fairly often for The Bill but started out in Casualty fic first then moved to The Bill, I’m Old Skool, CID of ’98 to 2000 is my time period, John, Claire, Deakin, Kerry, Duncan, Mickey (as he used to be, not like he is now) Meadows, Skase, Proctor, Beech….proper coppers with proper storylines. Although if you knew/know me after these guys left you’ll know I was into Kate Spears, Debbie McAllister, Tom Chandler, Juliet Becker, Sam Nixon, Neil Manson, Terry Perkins, Ramani De Costa, Jo Masters etc

More recently I’ve just (about a month ago) bought the first three series of The Bill on DVD so am catching up for lost time…..absolutely loving ’Taffy’ Edwards, Ted Roach and Roy Galloway ~ Galloway so reminds me of a young John Boulton.

And of course I was a ’fan’ of much of the Uniform gang as well.

Finally gave up on The Bill last year and finally stopped watching all together in January of this year :-(

Moving away from The Bill, I’m heavily into Ashes to Ashes, I co run the very successful Ashes forum Luigi’s, I know a couple of the ’minor’ cast members personally and have good links with some of the major stars. I’ve been lucky enough to be on set and have met them all many times and spent time watching them filming.

Moving back to fanfiction, I still write for John and Claire but never put anything up any more :-( I now write for Ashes to Ashes and it’s lead characters Gene & Alex..

Away from the online world, I work for the Post Office lol! I have a small menagerie of animals, mainly rabbits and guinea pigs now.

I also run CraftyBunny, a small handmade card shop which also sells other quirky little stuffed toys occasionally.

But yeah, think thats me…..anything else you want to know, just shout :-)

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