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Had rabbits for 16 years, currently mummy to 9 little monkeys and 6 guinea pigs!

Since 2003 I've been doing private rescue work, running my own small rescue alongside my own bunnies, of which I had around 22! I got involved with the aggressive bunnies of the world and since then I've been helping local people tame their out of control bunnies, only met two so far I couldn't seem to help and both have come home with me.

I slowed down the rescue early last year as I hit a difficult period in my working and personal life, stopped altogether currently for a while, still get phone calls from the vets though asking if I've got space for such and such lol!

Guess I'd better introduce the bunnies as well!

Blue, who is in my icon currently, he's 5 this year and 'toy~ bunny' to his wife Bandit, who's 6! Blue is a blue otter colouring hence his name ~ very original I know! Bandit is a cream and lilac harlequin, named because of the blue 'mask' she has on part of her face.

Harley, is the old lady of the group now, she's 7 this August and quite ill at the moment, she's been through a fair amount in her life and has done brilliantly to make it this far. She was an impulse buy in 2003 after I'd been on a college trip to a pet shop, saw her, wanted her, brought her home that night. Completely believe it was fate that brought her to me, as she'd already been sold and brought back to the shop, by mistake she was put out for sale and I saw her. She was just 15 weeks old and had had something traumatic happen to her before I got her as she was nasty, it's taken years and a lot of hard work to get her to where she is now.

Poor lass was scared of everything, even her own shadow. Unfortunately December 2008 she was hit with an abscess on her jawbone and she had surgery and half her face removed in January 2009, The abscess returned in December 2009 exactly a year after her last one, but this one is on the other side of her face, right at the end of her jawbone, pressing on her windpipe, she's been on extensive treatment since it was discovered and is closely monitored because of where it is. At the moment she is happy with life.

Next are the Twins, Patch & Dolly, both harlequin sisters and sister to our black girl Megan, Patch is Black and Orange while Dolly is Lilac and Cream. Patch is named because she has an eye patch! Dolly started out life as Dollar, then changed to Dolly Mixture and now just Dolly.

Both three years old and completely nuts, hyperactive and full of mischief, born here with me their mum was taken in as a favour to a friend, so they stayed

Megan is completely black and lives with new boy Fudge who is a black and orange harlequin.

Teddy is black with brown smudges and lives with his little white wife Miffy, Miffy was companion to the late disabled Stripes, so she's very special. Ted previously lived with Megan but we decided to split them and pair him with Miffy who had been alone since Stripes died two years ago.

So yeah, thats us!