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There are six of them, never intended to have this many.....I HATE cleaning them out, would rather clean 600 rabbit hutches than one guinea pig hutch....disgusting stinky creatures blergh. But I do love them and I know that one of them could be living a very different life.

Better introduce them I suppose.....

Kezia, started out life as Daffodil, fell in love with her in my friends pet shop, sort of knew I'd end up with her. She was called Daffodil as there was a plastic Daffodil above her cage, she's about 4 years old now, can't remember off the top of my head. She's grey with white speckles and is pretty much the same colour as my fathers hair >.< She's called Kez for short most of the time.

Attarangi (Pronounced Atta-Rang-E) meaning 'Morning Sky' in Maori. She's a white short haired girl, with brown splotches. Atta was brought home from the local pets at home, she was another impulse buy, it was either she came home with me or went to the horrible family that live up the road where I knew she was going into a hutch alone at the bottom of the garden to be forgotten yeah she ended up in a box in my possession.

Bertie was the resident boy, he came from my friends pet shop after we lost Razzle, he was meant to be a companion for the bereaved Rosie but she really didn't like him. He was due to be called Licquorice as we were under the impression he was black but he's not, he's a ginger/gold speckled short hair. His full name is Bertie Mo Bassett ~ Gracie wanted to call him Mo and I still wanted the Licquorice connection

Marae (Pronounced Mar-Eye) meaning Sacred in Maori, she was another 'charity' case, phonecall one afternoon from our vet, have you got space for a female guinea pig, not really was the answer >.< She was found in a front garden opposite the vet surgery, we think she'd been let out deliberately as she's not particularly friendly. Went up the vets to see her, struck a deal with them, look after her for a month while they wait and see if anyone comes forward for her and I get Hazel's month of medication for free (worth £50), couldn't refuse that offer especially as feeding her would only cost me about £3 for the month. Yeah so she arrived back with me, straight in with my other girls. No one came forward for her so she stayed. Always called Mara instead of her full name.

Charlie is one of the youngest here, she lives with the other girls, as Mara's her mum after an accident entirely of my own fault with Bertie. He got out of his pen, found the girls and the rest you can guess :(
She's still tiny and the noisiest. Called Charlie because I wanted an Ashes connection, so she's Charlie after my beloved SuperMac.

Jimmy is our second boy, he lives with Bertie. He's also Charlie's brother, again I wanted the Ashes connection so he's Jimmy or Jimbo after we've got SuperMac and Keats :D ~ >.< He's a black rough coated pig, with a white mark on his nose.
He's just like Bertie in temperament ~ Absolutely unhandleable and terrified of people.

So that's the piggies...dirty buggers that they are <3

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